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MTB Guides Valbelluna was born in 2015, following the union of some people in love with the MTB discipline, but above all with a deep passion of our territory, the Valbelluna.

“On the occasion of the Pamali festival 2019 two tours will be offered, both with MTB with pedal assosted, with the possibility of renting at the stand that will be present during the event run by Dolomiti Bike Shop.”

The tours will take place on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and will be very simple and suitable for everyone, even for those who have not sold on a bicycle for years. In addition for those who have never tried assisted bicycles, there will be the possibility of discovering a new world.

A minimum amount of sports equipment is required, with suitable sneakers, a water bottle and possibly a small snack if necessary. It is also a good idea to take a route with you in case of temporal improvisation.

It will be a discretion of the guides and participants to assess the weather conditions for the exit. The duration of the exploration will be about 3/4 hours with intermediate stops.

It will be mandatory to use a helmet (also available for hire).

We are waiting for you to go and have fun in the enchanted woods that surround this fabulous Festival.

Fabio, Manolo, Andrea e Fabiana
MTB Guides Valbelluna

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