Sweet Cicuta

[Show – Sunday 11 August – 17:00-18:00]

Silent Revolution
A project by and with: Michela Dal Bo, Giulia Bertolo, Ilaria Bencivenga, Francesca Martini, Giada Causio, Stefanì Barbiero, Anna Novello, Alice Scattolin, Elena Mililli, Eliana Boschiero, Alessia Barbiero, Ake.

“The net is not freedom. In the meaning the word freedom is untied from the net to be really free.”

We can act apparently free in a network: the fish caught and fished move in mass, in sudden and syncopated movements, unaware in their uniformity of thought and action. But the union forced by a common destiny stimulates a search for escape, a hole, an exit. Boldness will be the silent guide that will produce a freedom, for those who will feel oppressed by a system and will choose mutiny. They will share the experience and communicate it to tell of their escape for salvation. Each of them will transmit their new knowledge with a different voice, fresh, colorful, out of tune, far-fetched, poetic, ridiculous. Truths will be real but different visions.

Someone will believe that he did not really save himself: “Where is the true salvation? I felt more secure and happy in my insecurity”.

Well, the revolution, the search for one’s salvation, has no single voice and is not the only possible one. It is a tool until it becomes worn and worn; so it will be time to build a new one, the more real is how real time is. Which does not exist, but which flows and requires us to ride it and renew ourselves as it passes. Here, this can be a silent revolution.

Sweet Cicuta
An informal group with an open relationship with the art world and with anyone who has the desire to experience the story of a vision, the narration of a journey, the display of feeling. Different artistic languages ​​for a theater that knows how to show without the pretense of teaching, to involve without necessarily upsetting. Performers, playwrights, directors, set designers, musicians, videomakers, dancers, who come together to confuse their own sensibilities, contaminate their ideas to give life to projects that represent nothing but the passion for art, the genuineness of sharing.