[Show – 9 & 11 August – 16:00-17:00]

Learning to dance allows you to express what you really are; learning to fly allows you and those who watch you to dream … This is my thought .. Desideria’s desire to fly.

Desideria was born in Fiesole on 5 March 1988 and approached classical and modern dance during her childhood and then devoted herself more intensively to artistic gymnastics which allowed her to test her fluency and coordination. In 2010 she begins her first school of aerial disciplines in Carrara. In 2011 she graduated in Law but her study of aerial disciplines continues, this time in Florence.

“It was a whirlwind of very strong emotions. Desideria is carried away by spectacular acrobatics that in a short time it manages to achieve thanks to the teachers and thanks to its desire to fly.”


Her strong passion and predisposition was noticed a few months after the first company with which she collaborated, Il MAGMA CIRKUS. She immediately began performing as a street artist, Festival of Solofra (Av), Marradi’s Festa delle Streghe (commented and reviewed by, and as a real performer during exclusive parties like Mille Fili Pitti Filati in Florence. She continued her study in various schools with teachers from the Flick of Turin, Vertigo, the aerial art of Argentina, Berlin and in a self-taught manner. Never being satisfied with what she learned, Desideria plunges more and more into this art with greed, getting lost in wonderful choreographies.

This is his new passion: the choreography of herself and other people. Aerial dance allows her to exploit the factor of gravity, balance and imbalance, weight and strength. She quickly demonstrated her passion and ability in the aerial disciplines of the hoop, trapezoid and fabric, but concentrated her study above all on the latter. Desideria transforms this discipline into art; gently lays his body on soft fabrics, turning and turning; then it leaves the sky rolling and floating in the air until it reaches the human height. Each of us has a pair of wings, but only those who dream can fly.

This is why it is important to dream, learn, dance and fly … And when we move on the ground after flying a sense of splendor and lightness, it will invade our body … Thus, from small but intense performances, she has today come to create and reproduce overwhelming dynamics that play on speed and immobility, on aggressiveness and sweetness, introducing them in the most varied fields, from piano bars to festivals of street artists, from cabarets of jugglers at circus arts shows, leaning on the most unthinkable structures such as terraces and cranes.

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