Basura Art Lab

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The Basura Art Lab was born in 2016 from the need of a heterogeneous group of artists, with the common goal of having a place where they can create their works freely and independently.

“In Carrara we found a disused marble sawmill at the foot of the famous quarries. The first step was to tackle the redevelopment of the building abandoned for over ten years, still in progress, in order to further improve the workspace.”

The project foresees first of all the organization of working environments for the execution of projects and sculptures of every kind, obviously starting from the working of marble. In addition to this, the laboratory is open to internal and external cultural artistic events, hosting artists, musicians and performers from all over the world.

Carrara, a town where marble was the main source of wealth, now finds itself “robbed” without getting any wealth from it. Without taking into account the environmental impact that the continuous extraction brings to the landscape.

This increasing commodification creates a large amount of waste from the valuable material. Against this phenomenon, we try to make the public aware of the abuse and waste of marble with a philosophy based on recycling and “do it by yourself”, we try to make our sculptures by exploiting the stone scraps of large local industries.

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