Secse & Andee

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Secse One
Secse One from Treviso, began to approach the Writing in the mid-90s, and from 1996 with continuity.

“He is known for his constant activity and through many trips, painting in many Italian cities like Milan, Rome, Bologna, Bolzano, Genoa, Turin, Perugia, Naples, Palermo, Catania, and abroad, like Brighton, Barcelona, ​​Paris , Munich, Bucharest, Zagreb and Ljubljana.”

His lettering is characterized by a rather “clean” stroke and its forms start from a simple block letters, which, depending on the case, can also be reworked in a “wild style” key. The shapes that characterize his pieces alternate between “soft” and “squared”.

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Graffiti, drawings and various flappings from 2002 up to here.