Luca Bassanese

[Main Stage – Friday 10 August – 23:30]

There’s never been a more unusual career than that of Luca Bassanese, ecologist and independent artist who at every concert, fills public spaces around the country with his mix of poetry, Italian folk music and electro-Balkan sounds. A show that will put you in a good mood and make you want to dance, move your feet and lose yourself for a moment.

Of his time in France, the artistic director of the ‘Le Grand Soufflet’ festival wrote:

“The minstrel, activist, poet and musician Luca Bassanese slays austerity by summoning Trans-alpine fanfares and tarantellas in a grand Fellini operetta, in a style that is both folk and world music. A musician who grew up with the records of the great Fabrizio de Andrè, and enlivened by the powerful folklore of the two shores of the Adriatic (the Italian and the Balkan), he fanned the embers of social engagement with klezmer hints of brass or heady gusts of opera buffa. What Luca Bassanese proposes to us is a modern spectacle, Circassian and ruffling, a new cornerstone in its work of restoration of the great Italian popular music.”

The best songs of his repertoire (8 albums since 2005) are part of Luca Bassanese’s new show,  supplemented by new compositions produced by Stefano Florio, manager of the Buenaonda label.

Over the years, Luca Bassanese has collaborated with numerous Italian and foreign artists, inclu- ding, to name a few, the Original Kocani Or- kestar of Macedonia, the Berber artist Bachir Charaf (nicknamed The Voice of the Desert), and the satirical artist Antonio Cornacchione. On his latest album also appears Jacopo Fo (son of the writer, playwright, director and actor Dario Fo, Nobel Prize for Literature) and the Choir Mondines de Bentivoglio.

Among the official recognition for his artistic and activist engagement, Luca has received several awards (Targa MEI 2015, Premio Re- canati Musicultura, Marcello Torre National Award, etc.).

A rather unusual character on the music scene, Luca is without question one of the major figures of the new committed Italian popular music. His colourful shows are accessible to a wide audience.