Karina Niño Rodriguez

[Pamali Flow]

Karina will be celebrating her tenth year as fire dancer.

She started playing freely on the Mexican Mayan coast, later entering the world of professionalism with the Atomic Weight group of Playa del Carmen.

“Since 2014 it is a fundamental part of the company Pyrodanza (Costa Rica), famous throughout the world for the tribality of the staging as well as for the high technical level.”

With them she hold performances in various parts of the world, starting from the beautiful Envision Festival in Costa Rica, up to the prestigious Gala of the Phoenix Fire Convention (Germany), then the Stromboli Fire Festival, Boom Festival (Portugal), Time and Space (Mexico), Woomoon (Ibiza) …

Karina is a specialist in double Hoop, Poi, fans,dance. At Pamali she performs in duo with Olivia Mancino, they bring a performance about tribal fusion, contemporary dance and fire on the theme “Women Warriors”.