[Main Stage – Saturday 11 August – 23:30]

Ancient sounds for future music

Ipercussionici comes like the dance on a volcano. In fact it is the Mount Etna which imparts the band from Catania/Sicily the native fire into their music. Ancient instruments like marranzani, didjeridoo and drums come together to create explosive ultramodern sounds through the sweat and emotion of 4 musicians from different experience.

“After hundreds of concerts far and wide for Sicily and throughout Italy, Ipercussonici have brought around the world what Womad Festival has been called “The new adventurous sound of Sicily”, and have now secured a place prominent among the cult bands of the Sicilian and international public participating in important festivals in the Netherlands, France, Hungary, Portugal, England, Germany, Tunisia, Malta and even in Japan.”

Always deployed in support of important civil, social and environmental causes, their single Mururoa is used in 2011 by Greenpeace to contribute to the referendum campaign against the return of nuclear power in Italy, while in 2012, guests on the stage mounted in front of the Palace of Justice of Catania for the twentieth anniversary of the Capaci massacre, present a very personal review of Quannu Moru, Faciti ca nun Moru by Rosa Balestrieri, whose video is dedicated to all those who continue to live fighting against the mafia.

After the previous albums “Liotro” (autopordotto, 2005) and “Tutti Pari” (Finisterre / Felmay, 2008), their third album CARAPACE, released in 2013 for Viceversa Records / Audioglobe, marks the transition to more electric atmospheres that force the boundaries between world music and independent rock.

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