Flee Jones

[Pamart Live]

Felicity is a blacksmith and fabricator who lives in London on her 90 year old boat.

Her contemporary approach to Blacksmithing has lead her to create a range of work, from functional domestic pieces to large scale mechanical sculpture in the public realm. Coming from an arts background she fell in love with metal working and studied at Hereford National School of Blacksmithing.

“I love the fact you can manipulate metals into almost any form keeping their strength. It is such a hands on physical process in which you develop an intimate relationship with the piece you’re working on. I create organic flowing forms in my work which I like to interlace with an element of danger, taking inspiration from insects, plants, anatomy, symmetry in nature and also more man made forms such as parts of vehicles and machinery.”

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She was part of the creation team responsible for the large scale art created as part of the Paralympic closing ceremony, and working with the artist Joe Rush built a 27 meter sculpture for the main stage at Glastonbury 2015. Her creative metal work can be seen in the Unfairground, at Walk the planks Fire Gardens and at Burning Man.


I want to create a playful homage to celebrate life, growth, the organic and the feeling that connects us all back to the source. We all have the freedom to create exactly what we want. Realising this in our day to day and then on a more global scale is key to the pure revolutionary love.