Cometa Circus

[Pamart Live]

“Cometa Circus” is the path that Claudia and Cristian have undertaken to give voice to their artistic inspiration.

“With their language of acrobatics, aerial evolutions and suspended objects, they transform their spectators’ daily lives, leaving a trail of light in their imagination and giving shape to their dreams. And as they arrive they leave, to continue their journey from place to place, to discover new paths and to share their circus passion.”

Claudia is an Italian contemporary circus artist graduated in the high school of circus arts “Esac” in Brussels (Belgium). His main discipline is the cyr wheel, but he is equally passionate about acrobatics, dance, trapeze and juggling. In 2015 he is called in Peru by the circus company “La Tarumba” to take part in their show and it is there that he meets Cristian Trelles, a Peruvian artist trained in the circus school of the company.

Cristian specializes in smooth rope, but is also an acrobat, juggler and monocyclist. In 2016 they begin to travel together and to merge their artistic talents. They present their performances in various circus festivals in Latin America, as in that of Oaxaca (Mexico), Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and San Josè (Costa Rica); they also take part in a show season with the “Flic Flac” circus in Germany in 2016, while in 2017 they work as teachers and artistic directors of the “Circo Frutillar” program in the south of Chile. In 2018 they realize various circus numbers in 4 shows in an island in the Caribbean, and have recently returned to Europe to shape new art projects.