Collettivo Caleido (Antonio Pipolo & Nicola Pisanti)

[Pamarte Live]

Project name: Pass
The project we intend to create for this year’s Pamali Festival is an interactive laser projection system that can interact with the festival’s music and the natural setting of the valley.

We believe that in such a context we can not ignore a strong site-specific component and consequently reflect the surrounding landscape within our intervention.

We would, therefore, like to experiment in the construction of an installation who express itself as pure light in nature (mountain walls, trees, reflecting surfaces, fog).

Antonio Pipolo:
Antonio Pipolo is born in Salerno in 1988. He is graduated in Visual Art and Theater from the IUAV in Venice, actually lives and work in Torino. A passion for natural environments together with a predilection for multimedia techniques bring him often to reflect on the conflictual rapport between man, nature and technology.

His favourite medium is light, an element which he manipulates in all his form producing experimental videos, interactive installations and multimedial scenographies. As an artist he participated to many festivals of multimedia and interactive art like the Toolkit Festival in Venice, the Festival of European Photography in Reggio Emilia, the Flussi Festival in Avellino and he produced installations for different organizations and companies like the city of Parma, the Association of Architects of Parma and Piacenza, the GAI (Young Italian Artist association) and the National Park of Cilento and the Valley of Diano. Since 2014 he is member of Caleido, a collective of multimedia artists that share his vision and passions


Nicola Pisanti:
Nicola Pisanti is born in Caserta in 1986. He doesn’t graduate in Computer Science. He doesn’t graduate in Composition at the Conservatory. He starts taking parts to the most various laboratories and workshops around Italy, while he cultivates the practice of creative coding, using computer coding as an expressive mean instead of a production tool.

The offspring of his practice are interactive installation, generative music system, non-existing musical instruments, anachronistic instruments and audiovisual performances. While he works on all those things he is sure to free much of the code he is writing, contributing to additional libraries for openFrameworks, one of the most used creative coding toolkits. Since 2014 he is part of Caleido, a collective of artists who produce advanced multimedia works.