[Village Stage – Tuesday 14 August]

Blackbeat are Scar, Giorgio Ricci and Massimiliano Griggio, names linked to projects such as First Black Pope, Templebeat, Orchards Riarsi, Monosonik, Ran.

Personal collaborations with Lassigue Bendthaus, Helayn Flower, Tying Tiffany, Death SS, Swamp Terrrorist, Unter Null and more until you get to Wumpuscut and Suicide Commando who wanted to insert a remix of Scar in their latest cd.

“Blackbeat is a project that puts aside the sacrificial rites of First Black Pope and the icy and sharp atmosphere of Monosonik to give space to a sound and multimedia research that ranges from noise to ambient without giving up vaguely pop tunes.”

Electronics is always the key to reading the Blackbeat sound but untied from the machines the trio alternates double bass, synths, percussion, bass line to demonstrate a technical ability acquired in 20 years of incessant activity often allowing the wide margins of improvisation on pre-established patterns.



Our meat is fresh, produced at the moment and only there, at the moment of performance. We want to have a relationship of trust with our customers who would never accept a pre-packaged product. Each time a different cut, each time a risky taste, every time an unknown taste and each time unique. It doesn’t interest us to pack our emotions and make them a supermarket product, our “meat” can only be found … fresh and freshly cut …from ourselves.