Arcadia PAN-k Ensemble

[Pamarte Live]

Arcadia: poetic, pure, courtly, dreamy. This word leads us to focus on the heart, on what we want to share and give.

PAN-k: the god PAN, the instinct, the animal being, diabolic, exuberant, creative, the word also recalls the Punk movement, not so much as a musical genre but as a state of existence without frills, primitive, the scene deals with the vital energy of the present, with the possibilities it offers and that it does not offer, we are looking for a permeable space between bodies and the environment, looking for a dynamic harmony.

Ensemble: a group of people who want to share practices of artistic expression, creative research and experiment with a model of community that dialogues in harmony with the context in which they live.

“PENTAPATH performance: PentaPath is a performance that came to life during a research journey by Arcadia PAN-k Ensemble, consists of 5 moving bodies and a musician. Music follows movement and is also expressed as a compositional element in space.”

PentaPath is a dance towards harmony, a symbol of humanity in search of itself and of the other, a performance that follows a circular shape made dynamic by the number Five, a number that is unstable and therefore dynamic in number. The Five also symbolizes vertical evolution, the progressive and ascending movement.