Lucignolo and the Fire


A laboratory of technique and movement focused on the use of the fire stick as extension of the body expression to be inserted on the rhythm.

“The fluidity of the movements is given by the speed of the instrument’s velocity in harmony with the movement of the body.”

We will work on dynamics of arms and legs, we will look at the study of rhythm and its breakdown, we will study together some basic spinning passes so that we have a shared language and rudiments to dance with fire then enter the study of the contact with the stick. At the end of each lab can leave an offer of whatever nature, including money, in a free and conscious manner.

Laboratories will focus on the responsible use of the flame and on the harmonic relationship with it.

Pamali Festival 2017 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco

Assistant: Momo (Maiko Kikuchi)

Pamali Festival 2017 - Momo (Maiko Kikuchi) - 01 Pamali Festival 2017 - Momo (Maiko Kikuchi) - 02