Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank

[Giovedì 10 Agosto]

Backpack and guitar on shoulder, harmonica in his pocket and a way to go. Here Frank Malosti!

Frank Malosti was born in Monza, he grew up in Brugherio and at the age of twenty he knows Massimo Murganti. Thanks to this friend and artist he learned to play and wrote his first song: “Little Boy”; who in concerts still sings.  Since then he has been perfected as a musician and has developed a distinguished singer-songwriter’s personality.

“The emotions that have come to life become texts and live in every single interpretation. Each song assumes its identity, some through minimal changes follow a true evolution.”

His passion for music, his talent, and last but not least the loss of a fixed job, allow him to choose the way of art in 2008, leading him to another great friend and musician: Luca “Ciube” Aliberti of Conegliano “city of art and wine”. His search for “live music” then goes through the streets of Puglia and Sardinia but without forgetting Veneto where, returning, he hits his first album thanks to Daniele Camatta and the valuable contribution of friends who with their support give life To the “Air Frank Company”, which gives the title to his first album.

Pamali Festival 2017 - Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank - 01 Pamali Festival 2017 - Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank - 02

Pamali Festival 2017 - Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank - 03 Pamali Festival 2017 - Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank - 04 Pamali Festival 2017 - Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank - 05 Pamali Festival 2017 - Frank Malosti & Compagnia Air Frank - 06

It is from this adventure that forms its band currently composed by Luca Carrara on drums, Romolo Del Franco on bass, Luca “Ciube” Aliberti on electric guitar. Frank Malosti writes freak folk songs, always accompanied by the faithful acoustic guitar and the harmonica. Performing with creative and personal gesture, he can demonstrate the immense richness of content that is hidden in writing. The structure of the songs is cured and well-articulated, a work that on the one hand expresses the character and the desire to fight against a system less and less sensitive to the merit, and on the other, with delicate irony, transfigures reality with melancholic echoes.

The melodies contain both private and emotional themes that talk about feelings, silences and life experiences. Free from the hint of technicalism, his songs are about to catch the attention of the listener to make him participate in the experience. At the Pamali Festival he presents his last album “Benedetta.. COMPAGNIA AIR FRIEND”.