Arcadia PANk Trio

[Giovedì 10 Agosto]

Arise back to armonia

A performance that has the nature of a collective rite to regain lost harmony. In an unknown time, in the place of the world live two divine creatures not invulnerable to the crises of the planet. One of them, guardian of love, lives trapped in the fierce vice of a resourceful humanity that has chained it; the other is a wild, lonely creature that for centuries lives isolated in the mountain.

Something is changing: the wild god penetrated by a harmony never heard before, decides to abandon isolation and to travel in search of a new alliance with human. Sound brings him to the chain goddess who decides to release with the help of humans to awaken in the universe the appropriate harmony. On stage two dancers and a harp. A lawn and a revolution to open.

Pamali Festival 2017 - Arcadia PANk Trio