Percussioni Malinké con Giacomo Torzo [Laboratorio]

Malinké music was born in sub-Saharan Africa about 3000 years ago, it has shaped itself as we know it in the 12th and 13th centuries under the emperor Sundiata Keita, in an area of today’s Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast.

“Malinké’s music has come to our day through BLUES and JAZZ, genres that have developed in the US due to the oral music tradition kept intact by people of African origin reduced to slavery.”

Pamali Festival - Giacomo Torzo - 01

Giacomo Torzo was born in Treviso on 21/05/1982. Ever since he was young he has had a great passion for art and creativity. At age of 16 starts to play djembe and singing and begins studying traditional Ivory Coast music with Ben Zito, dancer and percussionist of the Ivorian national ballet in the ’70s. He participates in various team of senegalese musicians, djembepola and masters of sabar (traditional instrument of the Wolof ethnicity) and during that period he plays with dancer Yelly Thioune, a reference for sabar dance in Italy and Europe, constant presence at the “Mama Africa” ​​meeting, the most important European music festival about West Africa.

Pamali Festival - Giacomo Torzo - 02

He begans to study with Falou Seck, percussionist of Senegal and leader of the Djolibe group. With him he knows one of the most important traditions of malinkè music, Faranah (Guinea) and the Oulare family, studying typical rhythms such as Soli – Sofa – Laamba and others. With Falou Seck givesthe life to the project “Mandinka Percussion”, a group of three musicians with whom he plays in various African festivals such as “Was Festival 2015” and “Fleaps Festival 2015”.

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He enriches his music experience by studying also with Seydou Dao, djembepola of Burkina Faso, belonging to one of the largest Griot (musicians / singers) families in the mandingue area. It is part of the project “Go Organich Orchestra” by percussionist Adam Rudolph, one of the greatest jazz players, considered one of the fathers of the American music world. Since last year he has been professionally dedicated to music. In addition to developing his percussionist experience, he works on a solo album focusing on black music and he is part of the Bodo Sound’s afrobeat/jazz band.