Bio Pizza

Pamali’s Bio Pizza is born from our passion for bio ingredients and the will to promote awareness in consuming local quality healthy products. The Pmali staff quite literally “puts his hands in the dough” to create a Bio Pizza made with km0 ingredients.

Pamali - Bio Pizza - 01 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 02 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 03 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 04 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 05 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 06 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 07 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 08

For special diets we propose gluten free dough, without mozzarrella for allergic to lactose and vegan too.

The toppings of the pizzas change according to the time of the year since we use seasonal vegetables. Our idea is infact to replenish ourselves from local bio farmers, to favour development and to give an incentive in consuming 0km products. In the case this isn’t possible we use anyway certified bioningredients we buy from Ecor. The dough is light, slowly levitated, composed from a mix of flours of different kind. Instead of the typical mozzarella we use a semi-seasoned Bio cheese.

Pamali - Bio Pizza - 09 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 10 Pamali - Bio Pizza - 11

The wood fed oven is built entirely by us the day before the festival with raw clay and straw.

The geodetic dome is a structure placed in front of the oven, built with bamboo and metallic elements, measuring 5m in diameter and 2.5 in height. Enriched with decorations in coloured cloth and eventual decorations built with local materials the dome also comes in handy in case of bad weather.

Our workforce is made up of approximately ten people, who keep working from early morning to late in the evening to give continuity to the pizzeria a steady service.

Download the Pamali Bio Pizza Brochure