[Venerdì 09 Agosto – Ore 23:30]

Fucksia are Mariana Mona Oliboni, Marzia Stano, Poppy Pellegrini.

Daughters of chance and mothers of chaos, transfeminist and proudly queer, they are the perfect combination of punk attitude, techno and psychedelic sounds. Their music is a triptych of adrenaline, passion and revolutionary energy.

“Three musicians, singers and performers, producers of electronic music and lovers of contamination, they set up this project open to continuous collaborations with visual artists, stylists and video makers, mostly female realities and fluid subjectivities.”

Mariana Mona Oliboni aka Mona / Stereo originally from Brazil and Milanese by adoption, she arrived in the world of live performance with “UPnea”, a women’s project that mixed circus, music and theater. She transcends the boundaries between the performing arts by integrating unusual musical instruments such as the saw, distortions, special make-up and video-art. In 2014 she founded the duo “Dadi Etro” with Riki and in 2016 she joined the Teknopunk band “Killanation” as vocalist and keyboardist. Following the tragic and untimely death of Riki, her artistic and professional partner for life, Mariana transforms her inner suffering into alchemical forms of glass: she moves to Murano (Venice) where, together with her best friend and partner they found the first glass art factory run by women “the rebel glassmakers” and the Glass Groove project.

Poppy aka Circuit Element began his musical experience as guitarist and bassist in the band Jolaurlo (2005-2010). In 2012 she moved to Berlin, a crucial stage for her musical and professional growth, where she founded the OSTeRIOT crew with whom she began to play electronic music and techno in social centers, clubs and rave parties of the Berlin underground scene. She collaborates with realities of the queer scene such as LaRoboterie (Rome).

Marzia Stano is a proud active part of the queer community. She started playing music since young age and founded the indie-electro band Jolaurlo. In 2013 she founded her solo project with the debut album “Una, nessuna, centomila” produced by Giacomo Fiorenza (I Cani, Colapesce, Cosmo etc) taken on a European tour to Paris, London, Berlin, Luxembourg, Brussels and in the USA for the Hit Week festival. She has opened concerts for Siouxie, Skunk Anansie, Cat Power, Franco Battiato. In 2016 she went on tour as drummer and keyboardist of singer Angela Baraldi while she wrote her third solo album “AcidaBasicaErotica”, a record featuring internationally renowned names such as the Canadian rappers “Random Recipe” and the Maltese Mc Phil West. She is the producer and artistic director of the music area for Elastico cultural association and club in Bologna and a co-founder of Elastico Records, the first openly transfeminist label in Italy. She is a member of the “Donna Circo” project which remake of the first feminist record in Italy (1974), which was released in June 2021 by La Tempesta discs.