Wontanara Venezia

[Show – Friday 9 August – 20:30-21:30]

Our group of traditional West African music and therefore also our dance course was born about two years ago when we had the honor of having as teacher Nadouba Oulare, a dancer from Guinea.

“It is a heterogeneous group from the point of view of the knowledge of dance and traditional African music, in fact some dance and play for some time others have approached for the first time or recently to this kind of reality… that vhe unites us, however, it is the desire to share being together through African dance and music.”

Generally there are about 6-7 percussionists who are divided between the triad, the bass drums and the djembe, but often other musicians who want to play and share this moment with us also come to visit us.

Every rhythm that is played has very deep roots and a very precise meaning that is accompanied by a song sung by Nadouba supported by the chorus of dancers, even at the end of each lesson, during relaxation, Nadouba sings traditional Guinean songs that make this moment something unique and special.

We care so much to emphasize the fact that this group and this course are a moment of emotions, of sharing, of smiles, of positive energy in where everyone arrives finds a dimension of serenity … a bubble in which to feel good, in a climate of great empathy, where everyone collaborates in some way with the well-being of the other, just as the term wontanara says and that is “we are all together, we are a family“….here…what we feel is really this.

Each of our shows has as its goal not only to ensure that the people who listen to us look good, but also to involve them through African dances that have great liberating and sharing power.