Rebel Rootz

[Friday 9 August – 23:30-01:00]

Rebel Rootz is a reggae inspiration band born in Trento in February 2010. The sound of Rebel Rootz comes from the encounter of different personalities, which is the basis for the sound contamination that distinguishes them.

“The great musical impact and the natural ability to engage the audience makes this band unique, energetic, and solar.”


The Rebel Rootz are: Massimo Fontanari (vocals and guitar), Carlo Villotti (guitar and choirs), Francesco Dallago (bass), Pietro Toniolli (keyboards), Michele Tasin (keyboards and choirs), Loris Dallago (drums).

In 2011 comes the first single “Tu Sei Musica” in collaboration with Bizzarri Records, independent label of Modena. Following is released the debut album “Radice Rebel” (Gulliver Studio Production) composed of 12 tracks that condense a stimulating mix of sounds and genres.

The base of the songs is a reggae / caribbean root, but the aspects are many: from Rootz sound to Rock, Funky and Rocksteady, touching the electronics. RR’s intention is to always launch a very direct message, music must speak, educate.

In fact, the topics discussed are very recent: Testimonies – for example – “Green Parrots”, a song inspired by the famous book of Gino Strada published in 1999 on the theme of war. Another very strong song is “The Politician”, who denounces the Italian situation and the resulting loss of confidence of the citizen.

In “Rebellion Radice” there is also talk about respect, friendship and love. The release of the album was accompanied by the video “Fragile”, a track that counts participaion of artsit Anansi, a great friend of Rebel Rootz.

Over the last few years, Rebel Rootz have played numerous stages throughout Italy, and also a tour in Belgium. And now there’s nothing left to drag out of the groove and the rhythm and start dancing at their unique and powerful concerts.