Games With Flames

[Show – Saturday 10 August – 23:00-23:30]

The group came to life at the beginning of the new millennium from within the Mutoid Waste Company in Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy. Over the time the band has evolved and grown becoming an original and dynamic ensemble of artists, with a solid nucleus of 10 professional fire performers. They have the possibility to include another 10 for shows with an even greater impact.

“The performance is able to transform an empty space into a surreal and evocative scenario able to draw emotion from even the hardest heart.”

There is always a strong connection between the show and the space. It is therefore very important that the group works closely with the organisation in order to maximise the potential of the area to give the best performance possible. The action is guided by the music, commencing with a gentle hypnotic rhythm and delicate flames, slowly building up speed and energy, arriving at a crescendo of sound and fire with the entire arena and a multitude of diverse elements.

The band is very versatile, always fascinated by new challenges and space that are strange and particular. They are able to entertain the public with a performance of minimum 30 minutes up to an entire evening of flame filled suspence, where they can create a unique environment to set a scene for a fantastic event.