Flow Ra e Antonio Irre

[Workshop – Sunday 11 August – 11:00-13:00 / 14:30-16:30]

11:00-13:00   –   14:30-16:30

Here & Now
Scenic action workshop + self-construction of costumes + artistic performative incursion by Antonio Irre and Flow Ra.

The workshop, lasting 2 hours + 2 hours, is open to all and all. On Sunday morning (11.00-13.00) we will perform exercises to listen to our body and relationships, directing us to a simple but powerful stage expression.

In the afternoon (14.30-16.30) we will work on the self-construction of costumes starting from recycled material. During the evening the participants will be involved in a performative artistic foray into the spaces of the festival!

“The laboratory is held by Antonio Irre, actor, performer and researcher, on the border between art, science, and holistic knowledge and by Flow Ra, ceramist teacher, dancer, singer and teacher of physical education.”

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