DJ-Live Set by Putano Hoffman

[Saturday 10 August – 01:00-03:00]

Twenty years ago, the electronic scene was turned upside down by three projects destined to forever redefine the sonic horizon of clubbing. Since then these three collectives have collected Grammys, dozens of awards for singles, albums and celebratory collections, tours with oceans of people in every corner of the globe, demolished sales records, wiped out those who thought them meteors, formed a sound universe unmistakable:


In a single DJ / Live set without interruption the anthems of the respective discographies will be mixed (“Da Funk”, “Galvanize”, “Omen”, “Harder Better Faster Stronger”, “Out Of Control”, “Vodoo People”, “Alive”, “Escape Velocity”, “Light Up The Sky” and a thousand others), the most loved pieces by fans, the artists from whom they were inspired and those for which, in turn, they are and remain models to refer to.

“The Royal Rumble: Daft – Chemical – Prodigy “, born in 2oo8 and now in its 55th replica, crosses the spectrum of electronic music, starting from the Italo-disco to reach the nu-rave passing through minimal, electro, acid house, trance , french touch, big beat, trap, dubstep, hotstep, hiphop, indierock continually updating with all the best of the most recent productions. The set is accompanied by visuals calibrated on the tracklist flow and on the best club / electro-scene routes.”

In Setlist: Daft, Chemical, Prodigy, Justice, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Giorgio Moroder, FatBoySlim, Jon Hopkins, Gorillaz, Trentemøller, The Bloody Beetroots, Rapture, Pharrell, Subsonica, Richie Hawtin, Carl Craig, Underworld, Phoenix, Martin Solveig, Frankie Knuckles, Boys Noize, Soulwax, RL Grime, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, Coma Cose, Cosmo and many many others.

Putano Hoffman is a DJ, a producer, a musician. It all starts at the beginning of the new millennium when he buys a guitar, an amp, a microphone and a laptop for 5oo euros. Two months later he presented the demo of the first AD album, ”Dritto Al Volto”.

The electric and electronic sounds of the record attract the attention of several “indie” groups (who entrust him with remixes, demos and distortive manipulations) as well as that of MTV which rewards him as “Best New Artist”. Become the resident DJ of CS Rivolta, won 2 electro-weapon battles in Vicenza and landed at the Radio Sherwood Festival as official-selecter of the most important aftershows for 3 consecutive years. In 2oo4 he dismisses the second record of the AD using the collaboration of Madaski of Africa Unite, Nitto of Linea77, Zulù of 99 Posse.

The video for “Tierra o Muerte” featuring the 99 front man wins the MEI award for “Best Video of The Year”. In 2oo5, together with TreAllegriMagazziMorti, Linea77, Meganoidi, Madaski and Mass Prod participates in “RiseAgainstAids” remixing and re-casting “Tainted Love”, a piece that inaugurates the portal of I-Tunes Italia. In the summer of 2oo5 is the DJ of the afterparty for Subsonica, Caparezza, Carmen Consoli, Maximo Park & ​​so on. In November 2oo5 becomes resident dj of ZionRockClub, winning for four consecutive years the MEI award as best dj set of Italy. During the summer breaks of the club, he plays throughout Italy, exporting his set. Since September 2010 he is the resident DJ of Apartaménto Hoffman.

In 2011 he writes the soundtrack for the award-winning web series By My Side by Flavio Parenti, which includes among others Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, Sick Tamburo, Tying Tiffany, The Sleeping Tree.

Per Days: The Crossmovie composes “Dawn”. From October 2014 he becomes resident DJ of Il Deposito di Pordenone. In September 2016 he merged the brand of Apartaménto Hoffman with that of the Velvet Rock Club, giving life to a new itinerant project signed APARTAMÉNTO VELVET which exports throughout the FVG format from dancefloor tacked onto the alternative scene, to then return behind the console of major festivals in the Triveneto in the summer 2o17. In the 18-19 season he collaborates with CS Rivolta, Hall Padova, Argo 16, Round Midnight, K2, Astro, Rogers Station, Third Bridge, Novak, Five, Loft Trieste, Before, Sherwood Festival, Music Fair, Brand Sounds, Rock 4 Ail, Cave Sound, Capitol Pordenone, Teatro Verdi Cesena, Parco della Musica – Padua & many more.