Benedetto Mineo

[Pamart Live]

Benedetto “Andee“ Mineo, 6 August 1987. I begin to make graffiti in 2001. I intensify my activity on walls and trains, operating as a writer, strictly speaking: tags and throw ups on the street, letters in block letters silver along the railway, large colored panels on mthe trains. Since 2009, without interrupting the passion for writing, I reduce the activity.

“I start to draw (mainly with felt-tip pen, ink and pastel on paper), I also start to make figurative spray works, no longer working only with lettering.”

From 2013 I have been working on various spray- painted commissions and illustrations for publishing, both for personal projects and for local and non-local customers. A little by choice, a little by condition, I have always moved independently, divided between the life of a worker and drawing. Without publicizing too much, most of the jobs I’ve done for third parties, are born of word of mouth or direct contact with me or my previous job.