Vibrational Sound Bath

[Workshop – 9/10/11 August – 10:00-12:00]

From Friday 9 to Sunday 11 August

In 2000 Patrizio Turchetto embarks on a long journey on a sailing boat that will lead him to a fascinating and profound experience. The first stop is Senegal where he will live in close contact with the Diola tribe in Casamance adapting to local customs and their customs and collaborating in the development of agricultural projects.

“After a year living in Africa, he set off again, crossing the Atlantic Ocean alone to land on the island of Margarita in Venezuela where he will meet a Guajira shaman.”

In these two years lived with her he will draw important shamanic teachings for his evolution. in the last decade he lived with an indigenous companion Tupi Guarani in the Amazon rainforest in the estado do Para in Brazil, a fundamental experience that led him to an in-depth knowledge of the use of the shamanic drum discovering that his vibrations can open a channel between the Being the universe and the divine.

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O som da selva – Tamburi Sciamanici

Vibrational Sound Bath with shamanic drums and ancestral instruments

To be able to live in harmony with yourself and others, create a space in which you dedicate yourself only to your well-being, in which you leave your worries out and you are about to restore your serenity, your physical and spiritual health. The human body is a wonderful tool capable of “adjusting” on its own, but this mechanism often conflicts with the psychophysical conditionings we encounter in everyday life.

Many of these conditionings derive from our “repressing” sensations and emotions and this creates energy blockages preventing the energy to move freely. I therefore invite you to share and experience a sound and vibrational bath (with shamanic drums and other ancestral instruments) so that you can realign your energy centers, untie any blocks and take a trip to unknown worlds.