Savana Funk

[Main Stage – Monday 13 August – 21:00]

a.k.a. Aldo Betto, Blake Franchetto & Youssef Ait Bouazza
Feat. Kady Coulibaly, Kalifa Kone e Nicola Peruch

Aldo, Blake, and Youssef, immediately found a special chemistry together when they first met in spring 2015, in Bologna. The musical landscapes that they depict contain elements of Funk, African music, English psychedelia, and Blues.

“Their flirtations with West Coast, New York Jazz, and European electronica give this trio a very unique and instantly recognizable sound.”

Aldo Betto w/ Blake Franchetto & Youssef Ait Bouazza published their first (self-produced) album, “MUSICA ANALOGA” in February 2016. Guesting on the album were: Nicola Peruch, Massimo Zanetti, Max Castlunger, Danilo Mineo.

On 24 th February 2017 they released their second album ‘SAVANA FUNK’ (Brutture Moderne/ Audioglobe) hot on the heels of the title track, released January 21 st , 2017. The album has received dozens of reviews in music publications and online magazines. Guesting on the album were: Piero Bittolo Bon, Kalifa Kone, Nicola Peruch, Danilo Mineo and Mecco Guidi.

Both the band’s albums are available on all popular online platforms (Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc.,). From 2018, the trio will officially be known by what has become their adopted name: SAVANA FUNK Their third album is scheduled for release in the summer of 2018, continuing with record label “Brutture Moderne” and distributor “Audioglobe”.