Rub a Dub Band Feat. Colah Colah

[Village Stage – Saturday 11 August – 18:00]

Bless Up The Farmers Tour 2018

New album of Rub a Dub Band, with jamaican singer Stephan Bygrave aka Colah Colah! 12 tracks with a strong roots sound without compromises, 6 of which with the vocal harmonies of Adena Myrie. to follow it 6 versions dub with a old school style, mixed by mighty prophet.

“Bless up the Farmers is dedicated to all the people all over the world that everyday live and work with dignity and respect, without taking advantage of Mother Earth, taking care of it and loving it, following the cycle of life, receiving back its fruits, vegetables, the food for living, the shadow to rest, herbs to heal, water to drink, seas and mountains.”

But also to the people that keep the faith  soul, spirit, family, children, friendship, love,  respect, and peace. All Values that free the man from  babylon frame, from an influenced breakthrough and from ego. Babylon is Falling.

It is also dedicated to art, culture, and the music that teach us and lead us everyday into a better day, opening our heart, lifting our spirituality and knowledge up.


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