Rio Terà

[Village Stage – Wednesday 15 August]

The Rio Terà band was born in 2010 inspired by the singer Angelo Calleri. The name of the band comes from the Venetian dialect: RIO TERA’ means underground water channel. Where there was once a water way dividing two opposite sides there is now a passage, a road that unites, upon which people can walk and things and ideas circulate; while underneath the water still runs free, carrying its energy, saving and renewing.

“Rio Terà band aspires to be a means of communication, a new road that brings ideas and emotions, pushed by the energy that, in their sound, flows through music, singing and the theatre, and, in so doing, linking the musicians to their audience.”

Preserving and innovating, their music gathers strength and life from the different origins of the members of the band: Venice, Genoa, Rome, Martina Franca, Catania and Syracuse (in Sicily). A musical path that using our peninsula as a spine, opens to the greatness of the world where we live.

After different changes in line-up and several stylistic researches, the group finds its own sound: it’s the Manteca*. A “caldieron**” of styles cleverly blending folk, reggae, rock, swing, world music and blues. The Manteca is sung in different languages and dialects. Its rhythm is that of the “vogadori***”.  It’s the rhythm of tribal dances. It’s the Earth’s pulse. It’s the beat of rock. It’s a protest song. It’s a love ballad.

  • *MANTECA: from Venetian dialect: ointment, liniment, but also a preparation with a creamy consistency, a mix of ingredients.
  • **CALDIERON (cauldron): a big pot, usually made of copper, where polenta was cooked, stirring it for hours.
  • ***VOGADORI: rowers.