Skate Chords

[Friday 11 August]

Hey we are SKATE CHORDS – not a Band. We are a Gang, we are Le Familia!!!

“We play music and live together since 5 years and share everything (most times our socks and underwear). Our music is something between Rock, Pop, Punk and our daily insanity.”

In May 2017 we published our first selfmade Album “STULTUS MAXIMUS” recorded at the Arise Studios. We can’t wait to Rock with you in Italy at the Pamali Festival 2017. We are boys with small dick but with a big heart… or vice versa, we don’t remember… we do not speak Italian!

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Pamali Festival 2017 - Skate Chords - 01

Pamali Festival 2017 - Skate Chords - 02