Omero Vanin – Flamingos

[Pamart Live]

A small flock of pink flamingos at San Boldo Pass, are lost and are very confused, leaving their love songs in the wind.

“The installation includes 10-15 windmills of various sizes built with recycled materials. The work is based on the search for objective music, that is, a music that is able to give the audience an effect independent of his subjectivity, psychology or culture of origin (that is, an objective effect).”

According to some great thinkers, music, through its vibrations, produces on men impressions that act in some way on the energy vibrations of bodies not only physical. The flamingos involved in this mountain environment want to make us think about climate change again and want to reflect on how life is always renewed.

“The legend of the destruction of Jericho’s walls with music is just a legend of objective music. Ordinary music, of any kind, will never collapse walls, but objective music can instead. And it can not only destroy, but it can also build up.”

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