Olivia Mancino e Pyrodanza

[Pamali Flow]

Olivia Mancino

Professional dancer with more than 15 years of experience the dance to Olivia is lika ametaphore of life and with it goes on.

Foundress of dance-companies as Rose Del Deserto and Al-Kimiya Project, Olivia mix his dance with all the experiences of travels around the world. Working in teather, yoga and many artistic styles. Literary an Italian Icon of Tribal-Fusion dance style, based in Milan and Costarica, teachs and push for devlopment and diffusion of her art.


Pyrodanza is a multiethnic troup of performers. They celebrate the fire through technic of dance, juggling, yoga, circus and martial arts.

Italy, Mexico, Brasil and Costarica, the artists of this amazing team works on Tribal Evocative atmospheres, where new and tradition mix togeather in an oniric trip. Using ancient and new fire-props they mix art and magic with the powerfull presence of Fire to evocate deep feeling in the audience.


Pamali Festival 2017 - Olivia Mancino e Pyrodanza - 01 Pamali Festival 2017 - Olivia Mancino e Pyrodanza - 02 Pamali Festival 2017 - Olivia Mancino e Pyrodanza - 03 Pamali Festival 2017 - Olivia Mancino e Pyrodanza - 04


Breath taking and evocative, Olivia’s Fire Dancing show mixes Extreme manipulation of fire objects, with sensual and snakelike dance that grows from oriental to tribal fusion.

This thrilling fireshow never fails to touch hearts and evoke a mood. The Warrior Style dance includes manipulation of objects like fire staves, fire swords, fire fans, fire stars and fire crowns creating moods and characters with refined Venitian masks.


Trybal-Fusion Bellydance:
The Snake WarriorGoddess Dance, Isolations, Undulations, Stylization, Charisma. A hypnotic path into the body learning to master the control of muscles and to move portraying music as if painting it with the body. We will brake down the concept of Isolation and Undulation finding the muscles that engage the movement and we will enjoy the pleasure of arms and hands Flamenco and Mudra Stylization exploring the thousand layers that compose the colorful carpet of Women’s expression.

Warrior Yoga
A yoga practice created to Embody the archetype of the warrior through a Yoga flow sequece that is based in strong grounding, alignment (anatomy based) but also flow and prayer (spiritually oriented). The Warrior is a Bridge from earth to sky, from material to ethereal and that strength is made of flexibility and openmindness. The warrior is at the center of polarities, strong ang grounds but able to fly high over prejudice and mind limitation. (whork on alignment, balances and warrior postures)

Developing control of the body in order to widen the potential of expression, portraying the colors of the music with dance, reaching more consciousness of the body. Healing oneself while being in a flow, bridging the gap between Yoga and Life, reach flow, breath consciousness and pleasure in one’s own practice