[Saturday 12 August]

Senior Punk Rock

MAGz is an italian punk rock power trio based in the town of Treviso. Their main influences come from the american and italian punk alternative scene of the 80s.

“All of the members come from historic bands of the italian punk scene such as Senza Sicura, Creepshow, Miriamplace e Rusty Cage.”

MAGz recorded its first demo in the spring of 2016 at the BlowOutstudio and you can listen to a few of their songs on their Facebook page. MAGz was born at the end of 2015 by Max, Arrigo and Giunko, guitar and voice, bass and drums. The three musicians from Treviso area have a long way in the punk rock scene in Italy and decide to give birth to a new project in which merge their musical experiences and shape new ideas.

Pamali Festival - MAGz 01 Pamali Festival - MAGz 02 Pamali Festival - MAGz 03

Pamali Festival - MAGz 04

Strongly influenced by punk, particulary by the american punk hardcore school from the early 1980s, they also enjoy the charm of different sounds like English rock, Italian rock and the garage. They ironically refer to their sound with the label Senior Punk Rock.

The three members of the MAGs have shared militancy in some bands in the past years, and specifically: Arrigo and Giunko in the Creepshow, between 1987 and 1994, giving the prints an EP 7″ (1991, Inaudito rec., Paris ) with four pieces. They was one of the band of the rebirth of the Italian hc scene.

Arrigo and Max played in Miriamplace, between 1995 and 1999, with EP 7 (1995, self-produced) and two LPs (1996 “get in the sulky”, Helter Skelter rec., Rome and 1999 “home alone” self-produced). Max and Giunko playde in Senza Sicura, between 1995 and 2004, released 5 LP (Green rec., Padova and Gridalo Forte rec., Rome). Arrigo was also the guitarist of the Rusty Cage, psychobilly with an active LP (2007 Crazy Love Rec., Frankfurt). The MAGz recorded a 13-piece demo atBlow Outstudio by Alessandro Rorato in the spring of 2016.