Lucignolo and the Fire

[Pamali Flow]

Paolo Rosario Mele, stage name “Lucignolo”, when was 3 years old, after seeing the circus on television, stood up on his rocking horse and fell and has his head slammed into the ground… so begins his formation towards the creation of an imaginary circus in the style of Pippi Longstocking and far from the dramatic Remi.

In 1999, like Saint Paul that was blown up on the road to Damascus, Paolo on the exit of a teknival in France has the vision of the fire dance. Since that moment he has found the way to travel around the world doing the art he loves and shares beautiful things with people.

He is part of Earth’s Fire-Family and the first Italian guest of various national and international festival such as “Stromboli Fire Festival”, “Kiev Fire Festival”, “Fire Gala of the European Juggling Convention”, in addition to the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. He also collaborate with musicians such as Adriano Bono and Reggae Circus, Paolo Fresu, Vinicio Capossela and Biagio Antonacci.

Pamali Festival 2015 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco - 02 Pamali Festival 2015 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco - 04

“He is very happy to share the pleasure that  the harmony that flow-art brings to mind and body, as well the exceptional sense of the present that there is  when the fire is turned on.”

Pamali Festival 2015 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco - 01 Pamali Festival 2015 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco - 03 Pamali Festival 2015 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco - 05 Pamali Festival 2015 - Lucignolo e il Fuoco - 06

Performance based on fire and its declinations abut tools and movement, contact and manipulation. Music creates the union of an uninterrupted sequence of numbers that have as co-starred the performer and the flame in a single harmonious movement, leaving wide breath to the sensations that the risk and the softness of the movements invokes. Intentionally speechless, to let freedom flow to the spectator’s feelings.