Dirty Honkers

[Friday 11 August]

Don’t miss a chance to catch them…

When they met at a heated session at the legendary Bar 25 in Berlin, the Dirty Honkers had no idea where the night would take them. Today the three headed monster is infamous for its high-octane live show, floading the stage with a collage of jazz, blues, swing, catchy hooks and heavy electronic beats with a self assigned mission to push the envelope on what’s possible with live electronic music.

“Since 2011 the band has been touring all over the world and most recently in Australia. They shared stage with: Manu Chao, Goran Bregovitch, Shantel, Skip and Die, Deluxe, Smokey Joe and the Kid, Chinese man, MC Fitti, The Movits, Alice Francis… and many others!”

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Pamali Festival 2017 - Dirty Honkers - 01 Pamali Festival 2017 - Dirty Honkers - 02 Pamali Festival 2017 - Dirty Honkers - 04 Pamali Festival 2017 - Dirty Honkers - 04 Pamali Festival 2017 - Dirty Honkers - 05 Pamali Festival 2017 - Dirty Honkers - 06

Since 2011, the trio is using an array of gaming controllers and gadgets created by the band to make sure that every gig is a one of a kind musical experience packed full of tricks, shtiks, and bad-ass sax licks. The charismatic trio is restlessly touring first in Germany and France but now all over Europe and beyond with conerts lining up in New York, Moscow, Tel Aviv and most recently Australia.
While the electro swing trend keeps on spreading like wild fire the Dirty Honkers keep a very down to earth relation with the public, maybe the reason why you see them all over? In any case don’t miss a chance to catch them while they pass through!